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Nikki Ind

Marek Realty Pty Ltd
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Nikki Ind


With a business career spanning almost 30 years, Nikki has been a multiple business owner, developer of commercial and residential property and owner of a substantial property portfolio.  In her late 20s she was described as a “Power House of a Woman” by the panel who selected her as winner of the Young Business Woman of the Year Award and that hasn’t changed.

Through her dedication, determination and innovative thinking, she sold several resort businesses on the Sunshine Coast in a very short time frame, many of which had previously been on the market for years.  She is passionate about business and is genuinely committed to helping business sellers transition to the next phase in their life as well as helping buyers on their exciting journey as a new business owner bringing fresh energy to the business.

Nikki is also experienced in residential real estate sales and is a business coach too helping business owners to reignite their original passion for their business.  She also helps them to prepare the business to be sale ready at all times for any eventuality so once a decision is finally made to sell, she can achieve the maximum sale price for the owner.

Nikki is a huge networker with lots of contacts and you will often find her in networking circles up and down the Coast.  Her enthusiasm, integrity and honesty makes her a huge asset within the Marek Realty team.

Nikki is very well travelled and in her spare time loves organizing dinner parties, events and fundraisers, walking in the National Park, doing yoga and can often be found on or in the water boating, waterskiing or scuba diving.